Hello to all you bloggers, my name is Sid. I am an 11 year old middle schooler looking forward to blogging. I just moved to the states from… Canada! My teachers say I am a very humorous writer (guilty as charged) and I won’t mind you laughing at funny comments in my work. I am a competitive boy, who also likes to read and play with electronics. The sports I have enjoyed in the past (and still enjoy!) are… soccer, basketball, european handball, volleyball, tennis, ball hockey, and skating. I love sports because they can open up a lot of opportunities in later years and as I said before I am very competitive. My favourite author of all time is Rick Riordan. He has written the Kane chronicles, Percy Jackson series, Trials of Apollo series, Olympian series and the Asgardian series. I love these books because they have are amazingly suspenseful and I love mythology!! I have my own preferred gaming system, which the ps4. The games I play on it are… FIFA 15, Lego Hobbit and Star Wars. If you ever want to know more about me just comment on my blog or send me a private message through the form!


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