Hey guys Sid back at you about… the color blue?! Blue is used in interior design because it is a productive (can be sad) color, calming and has many medical benefits. Blue is being researched by many people such as the world-renowned color psychologist Angela Wright (Bailey 2013).

Interior designers use the color very critically because of its unique effects on people. Blue is a great color because of its effects on productivity, calmness, and health. Wright talked about not only the color but also the different saturations that affected people in different ways (Bailey 2013). Did you know that high saturation (how bright the color is) excites people while low saturation does the opposite by soothing people?

Using blue in offices is one of the best choices an interior designer can make because blue is a color that encourages productivity. While yellow affects emotion, red affects the body and green affect your balance, blue affect your mind (my mind is blown)(Bailey 2013)! Scientists and interior designers advise you not to use blue extensively because it makes work environments depressing (Mihai 2015). It is advised that the more relaxed you want your room to be you should use bluer but to add a few different colors to make it have more emotion.

Researchers confirm that blue is also a very calming color. It has a very serene effect on people when it is used in its lightest shades (Mihai 2015).  An example experiment is the blue light experiment, which proves that using a blue light will delay your R.E.M. sleep by 30minutes (Holzman 2010). When warm or bright shade of blue is used it is proven to create a light-hearted mood (Mihai 2015). “Blue is the color of the mind and is essentially soothing; it affects us mentally, rather than the physical reaction we have with the red” (Wright 2016). This quote teaches us (yes including me even though I’m really smart) that blue is a serene and productive color and it’s opposite is red.

Blue is not only a color that encourages productivity and serenity but also has the power bring medical benefits. Some of the colors blue medical benefits include lowering blood pressure increases the sufficiency of the respiratory system and helps your heart rate (Mihai 2015). Blue light, for example, helps to alleviate mood disorders such as depression (Holzman 2010). According to Holzman blue light helps to raise your activity level during the daytime and to help you sleep better at night. To most people, blue seems to be a great color for healing.

All in all, blue is a great color for healing, encouraging productivity and calmness. The color blue is pretty amazing. Just saying though this is my favorite color so it is amazing.


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