Snow is Awesome
It is cold
It is frozen water
Snow is fun
Who doesn’t like snow?!

Snow can be moulded
It can be broken
It can become ice
It can melt into water
#snow rules

Quote (By yours truly :):
Snow is like life itself.


Snow is amazing! You can have snowball fights, build forts and even sculpt. Did you know that snow could be a whole unit in science?! All of this can be explained right now! Snowball fights are every kids favourite activity. It is a great way to make new friends, have fun and play dirty. You can sabotage another group by stealing their snowballs or you could tighten up your defences. Either way could work but who knows! Snow is a great way to play and have something to pass the time. I am a kid and every year my friends and I do all of these things and more!  Building forts is a great way to pass time! You can be as creative as you want! Who wouldn’t like to have a battle of the forts? You can role play in something from medieval times to a great mansion full of cool (pun intended) snow gadgets. Like I said before, building forts is a fun and creative idea that all kids should try. Sculpting is probably the most interesting yet the hardest snow idea ever! You can make the smallest things like a bee to a huge castle (think Disney!). Not many kids do this but it is fun, and when you finish you should be proud of what you accomplished! It’s your creative idea but we all know that snow is awesome! So get outside and have some fun! #snowrules!

To all the readers I had a time restraint to do this… Literally!!!

Image from:

N.p., n.d. Web. <https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/ba/c5/a0/bac5a02fa5f872abcab7461d734c95d6.jpg&gt;.




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