How do you know if the website is trustworthy?

Well… this depends on what you are researching for! Here are some tips on what you might want to check out:

1.If your researching on a field that is always expanding you should check the date of when the website was published first. It shouldn’t be more then a year old because it might not be reliable.
2.The website shouldn’t have too much opinion. Some ways to tell if it has opinion is to see if the text says: In my opinion… I think… Well I think you should do…
3.Another way to tell is if the website has edu or gov at the end of it. This means that the source is certified by the government and has to be reliable.
4.Check if the text has good details, how long it is, it’s spelling and if you can understand it. If all these things are perfect then that’s another step to checking if it’s a good source.
5.Check if the source has citations. This means that it sources it’s information. If it didn’t, then they might be doing plagiarism.
6.Make sure you are able to see the credits of the author. If you can’t, then search up the name. If you then find information about the author and their credits check if it’s reliable. Look for: I got a degree… I won an award for… etc.
7.Finally make sure it has the same information as three other sources.

Remember that you cite everything! Hope all this information helped you.

Image taken from:
WriterGirl12. “Identify Trustworthy Informational Websites.” WikiHow. N.p., 07 Dec. 2016. Web. 07 Dec. 2016. <;.


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