Some Impromptu Topics

The Importance of Sneakers

Sneakers are great shoes! They are comfortable, good for sports and are also fashionable. These days in society, comfortable wear is very important. Sneakers have soft plush pads and you can easily adjust the tightness of it. It also comes in many different sizes. I’m glad about comfortableness because when playing sports I need it. When playing sports you need something durable, comfortable and the right thing for the job. If you were running the shoes should feel nice and you can easily wear these for a long time and not worry about them breaking. In my opinion these are the best things that have happened for sports. Fashion is also a big thing in our society these days. Sneakers can be customized with many different colours, you can add stickers and even change the laces! So you can look good, feel good and last good (that part probably wasn’t the best). Though these are great if you’re looking for something in the snow I wouldn’t wear these! All in all sneakers are probably the best shoes ever made!!! #GoSneakers

Why is a dog “man’s best friend”?

This is a question that a lot of kids ask when they want a pet. Dogs are great because their fun, they want you to like them and are very helpful to the society. Dogs are mostly fun because they don’t laze around waiting for a kid to want them like cats! They catch frisbees, balls and love tug of war. They are so responsive to what we do, we can teach them to do tons of tricks! Dogs try by having fun, begging and all us people eventually indulge into this. It’s so hard to resist! A few ways dogs are helpful to our society is with the military, examples include first aid, bomb tracking and specialized tracking. They can even help as a guard dog or someone who is blind always has a dog to be their eyes. Dogs are truly man’s best friend. #DogsAreMansBestFriend

On a 24-hour road trip. What to bring?

24 hour road trips are long and you need to bring many things. First you should pack things in your suitcase like clothes because your most likely to stay at a hotel and pack electronics for entertainment. If you have a whole family then you should also pack extra food water and I would personally chocolate bars to keep you awake. Always have the music on in the car to keep you awake and lull your other family members to sleep. You should also pack things that are related to your trip. An example is if your going to a resort. You should pack towels, bathing suits and goggles. Remember not to go swimming right after you eat! So have a good time on your road trip! #RoadTripsRule

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