Impromptu Challenge: Judge Jury Executioner

In this impromptu challenge, I was supposed to imagine that I am a a judge facing major decisions and give out a verdict in the most ethical way possible.

  1. A man has stolen at gunpoint to feed his only child. What would you do?

    I would feel bad for his only child, but pointing a gun at someone is as bad as attempted murder. He could’ve stolen something without the gun and still face minor charges such as theft and/or shoplifting. With minor charges pressed against him he wouldn’t go to jail for even 2 months! Gunpoint is different, you could go to jail for at least six months! This man should have also thought of his child if he got caught and what would happen. I need time to discuss this with myself. One minute later…I have consulted with the jury (me) and we find him guilty of all charges!

  2. A woman has killed to loot money in order to feed her only child. What would you do?

    I would first think of what she did and why because this is a hard decision! The woman could have probably loot the money without killing and only do gunpoint which isn’t as serious as murder! Yet the woman killed someone to feed her children. She could have instead do shoplifting which would be considered a “petty” crime. It would have been less jail time and you would be in and out before you know it and be able to feed your child. I must discuss with myself. Five minutes later… The jury (me) has decided that the woman is guilty of all charges!

  3. A child badly mutilates someone to steal money in order to feed or buy medicine for his suffering parent. What would you do?

    This is a serious crime but has to be taken in well. The child did something that would’ve killed the person just to get his parents medicine that they need. The man however is still alive but injured. The child would probably think this is worth it because it would be, to him, the life of one man for three (including him). This child is also very young and doesn’t have proper schooling or life’s necessities. I need to discuss with myself… 10 minutes later… The jury (me) clears all charges against this boy.


Image from:

“Nigerian Court Remands Suspected Gay Couple in Prison.” Rainbow Gazette. N.p., 07 Oct. 2016. Web. 04 Jan. 2017.


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