Roommate Wanted

Hey guys! I don’t really need a roommate, this was a school project! You might like this just like my teacher did. I got an A+ on it!!! I basically describe myself as a Homo Erectus in this and what I like. So read this, like it and follow me!

Hey! I’m a Homo Erectus (Upright man) but you can call me Flint. You must want to know more about me… well if you like to eat anything raw or like to have fun then don’t be my roommate!!! I’m a hard worker. I have a 54-67 cubic inch brain the doctor says, which is really small but at least I can type (ok, maybe I got someone else to do this). I make make my own clothes out of animal fur. I also have no chin, but do have a massive jaw and a flat face. I make my fire using two stones struck together. People say I still use that technique because I’m 250,000 years old, but I disagree I just think it’s more efficient. I am a hunter but am also a gatherer, being a hunter I am nomadic meaning I follow the animals because I eat them. I love eating meat such as elephants, rhinos and deer. I also love eating almonds, figs, berries, quail eggs, wild wheat and dandelion leaves. I hunt all my meat with spears, stone throwing, sophisticated hand axes, Bolas and fire. I would usually gang up on the animals with my friends. You might be wondering where I live. I live in a luxurious sophisticated hut in Europe that’s 27 feet long and 15 feet wide, but don’t forget has 0.5 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and a kitchen plus a fireplace, most of my friends live in Africa or have traveled to Indonesia and China! But I always go to visit (mostly for the food) I mean come on, I’m supposed to be their buddy. At least all of us will meet during spring in Terra Amata which is in Europe. A place where all the Homo Erectus can meet. That’s where we have the richest resources. It’s near a sea or it was over the last 250,000 years it has moved more inland. By the way I got the idea of my house from there. Oh! You might be wondering why I’m known as the upright man, well I’m known as that because I was the first hominid to walk upright without limping. I might occasionally (ok, maybe a lot) grunt and combine simple words with gestures. If you’re looking for a guy who is muscular, I’m your man. I’m very strong and love to do cardio (which helps to hunt animals), that’s how I got all my abs. So please be my roommate (and you might get a six pack!)!

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