The NFL is Going Down!? But… Why!!!?

The NFL is going down for many reasons (I might like this 😀 😀 😀 ).

I believe that the NFL is suffering declining ratings because of many reasons. This opinion is shared by many professional media players as well. First, they made a big strategic mistake by thinking that they could keep all their loyal fans after changing the game so much, just so they can gain a bigger fanbase after attracting new people with their ideas. This can be considered by loyal fans as disloyalty towards them and the game since it changes its traditional coverage and hinders their enjoyment. Second, because of so many advertisements, people are turning towards fantasy football to see all the ratings and not have to watch three hours of commercials (and only ten seconds of play). One of the main reasons that people skip sitting in front of the screen and waiting is because of how boring and repetitive the ads can be. When media is redundant, people are more likely to change the channel or do other things, such as “laundry” (MMQB)! Third, other factors such as the election, player injuries and long in-game pauses between plays distract sports news from actually focusing on the game and disrupts the audience’s attention. Fourth, I seriously hate watching American football but love any other sport (except cricket). This is not really a reason that the ratings are going down, but I thought I’d put it out there! So, after looking at the three facts on the NFL stated above, we can conclude that the NFL’s ratings are going down for good reason. Regardless, we’ll have to wait longer to see what they have planned to fix what can be fixed and regain their status.

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