5-minutes per prompt! :o

  1. Why is a name important?A name is your identity. It represents who, what and why you are that person. My name, Sidharth, means half prince half god! I might not be either one of those things but I am who I am, and have to respect it. Your name can mean any thing for any reason but at least one part of it represents you. Like i’m a fair prince. I treat other’s they want to be treated. So no matter what someone might say about your name, ignore them! Your name is yours and it represents you! So be that person.
  2. If you can choose another language, which would you choose and why?I would choose Hindi because I am a Hindu. Hindus mostly speak Hindi as you can see in the name, and I’ve never got the time to  learn the language. If I was able to speak this, I would probably be able to speak to all my relatives in India and my parents without my brother knowing what I said. Like I could call my brother, the cutest yet most devilish thing on earth (which is true). Really this would be the ideal language for me to learn to benefit not only myself but other’s as well! So, yeah.
  3. Convince the school that you are the perfect candidate for Student Council President!I am the perfect candidate. I am this because I would take into consideration everybody’s opinion and learning style  before making a decision. An example would be to change the math curriculum. I know that some people learn better with words and others visually. So I would include both in the math curriculum but try to make others adapt to the other style of learning. If someone got into an argument I would take in what not just the people arguing but the viewers ideas. I would then decide on what happens wether someone gets punished or it was just a misunderstanding. All in all I think I can be a great candidate.

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