No Hope for Dope

If you don’t know what doping in sports is… it means using illegal drugs and substances to enhance performance (Crookes 2015). In my humble opinion (probably not so humble), doping (the bad kind) is not so dope (the good kind). They aren’t dope (the good kind) because they have many side effects, takes away the nature of athletic competition, and is not worth the consequences.  Here are some famous names that lost everything because of doping: Hulk Hogan, Lance Armstrong, Yohan Blake (Usain Bolt’s former partner), Marion Jones and Jennifer Capriati.

Although doping is one word to describe doing drugs, there are many types of it. There are some that affect you like caffeine. These are called stimulants. Then there are anabolic steroids, such as nandrolone. Nandrolone is a performance enhancer which is banned in sports. Another type of drug is diuretics, which is meant for weight loss through diarrhea. The last one is blood doping agents. (Smith, Alastair)

Some of you might think that marijuana is a completely banned drug, but it isn’t! Marijuana has never actually killed anyone but does have major side effects if you smoke too much. In many places like Canada, some states in America, and some European countries it has been made legal for medical recreational use. This is a problem because people got banned and jailed for smoking marijuana even though it doesn’t really enhance performance (unless your sick).

After looking at this I hope you have learned that drugs can be good… but have more bad things then good. Many athletes have lost their jobs and reputations to drugs so don’t end up like that! You should especially not use performance enhancing drugs because they have major side effects! So I hope this convinces you NOT to do drugs.

Peace out


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