Seriously Alexa

Just to let you know I’ve heard and read many things about Alexa that are mostly good but their also things that can be pretty bad. First off is her name, people who have the name Alexa don’t know if their referring to them or the smart amazon device. When this happens Alexa might interpret something in such a bad way it could actually do the exact opposite thing of what you want it to do. Imagine your life with the name Alexa! Second off there is the interpretation of what you say. Now i’ve already talked a little about his but this is a major problem! Alexa could do things you don’t want it to do. Things like, you want it to open your fridge, it could open your freezer! Imagine life when Alexa does that! The last and final problem would probable be personal information. As you might know , people love this, Alexa adapts to what you like. They get to know your routine and personal life style, except the company amazon actually has access to all your personal information now. Imagine that! If I were you, I would take these in account before buying alexa.


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