Hey! The Patriots!

Now just to let you know I am not a bandwagon. Since I just moved to New England I wanted to know about their football team and how good they are. Turns out that they are probably the best team in the league and I’m gonna tell you why I think that (by analyzing the super bowl!) First off the patriots came back from 28-3 lead. even though they were losing by 25 points they pushed themselves so much they tied the game making it go into overtime. That reminds me… This super bowl was the first in the history of super bowls to go into overtime! Did I also forget to mention they made history in two more ways. One was the fact that they had the biggest comeback in super bowl history ever! Finally their quarterback Tom Brady is the first quarterback to ever have won 5 super bowls. Now that’s amazing! These are the reasons the patriots are the best team in the league.


“WHY TONIGHT’S SUPER BOWL IS ALL ABOUT THE PATRIOTS.” Fast Philly Sports. N.p., 01 Feb. 2015. Web. 13 Feb. 2017. <http://fastphillysports.com/tonights-super-bowl-patriots/&gt;.


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