The Four Seasons – Sid’s Haikus

Make sure you tell me what you like about the seasons in the comments (smash the like button while you’re at it).

Autumn is a joke

You think it’s warming but LOL

It’s just getting cold

Autumn is like my brother because he is in the middle of everything, just like autumn is in between summer and winter. When I think of autumn I think of the color red. I think this because i’m from Canada and I see red leaves all over the place. When it is autumn I am always despairful and start playing video games because everywhere it is wet and soggy and I don’t want to go outside. America oh America… this is the best country to represent autumn because it has the worst autumn that I have ever experienced.

Brrrrrrrrrr it’s cold here YIKES!

Even my brain is freezing

I can’t even think

I believe that my dad represents this season. I think this because he is always busy and it’s the same with winter and it’s snow. Obviously the color white pops up into my head when I think of a winter. Now you might disagree with me but that’s okay because I am Canadian and I love winter. My favorite thing to do in winter is tobogganing. When I think of this season I feel HAPPY (mostly because I am Canadian)!

Finally it’s here!

It brings life to all of us

Everyone loves spring!

Spring reminds me of my mom because they both gave life to me (each in their own way). As usual I state the obvious color that comes in my mind which is green. Spring isn’t yet it is my favorite season. Spring is when I play basketball the most but it reminds me of how winter is gone so I always feel a hint of sadness even when I’m enjoying b-ball 😦 . If you’re thinking about s country related to spring it better be the beautiful and gorgeous (yet very earthquake-ish) Iceland! It seems to me to always look like the beginning of spring.

Last of all of them

Time to start a new cycle

It is amazing!

Summer is the best season to represent me (Sid). I think this because I am always a fun and joyful kid. Being joyful I think that yellow represents summer because the sun is always shining! An activity I love to do in summer is biking because there are tons of trails I can take and I can have an adventure.  Whenever I think of a hot summer day I think of India because they have such strong air conditioning that it makes you feel cold. I also think of India because it has such vibrant colors like summer!!!

Make sure you tell me what you like about the seasons in the comments.







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