Ads on the Internet

I think everybody is annoyed when you are browsing the internet and an ad pops up out of nowhere! For me, ads are very annoying. They slow down the internet, block me from looking at articles and just is a color blob on the screen! Trust me when I say this, ads slow down the internet. You could be writing an important essay and then suddenly it pops up and you wait a long time to search up something. Sometimes (this has happened to me) ads can crash your computer phone etc. as well! Have you ever read something and an ad pops up! Well if you are a deep reader, focused reader, then I would recommend you get ad block. It blocks ads from popping up. Some websites though tell you to disable ad block which you can do very easily. Now who here hates a color blob while you’re reading a black and white news paper! I do! It just annoys me because i’m trying to focus but I can’t because I can’t stop looking at the ads. As most of you will agree ads are annoying. I highly recommend you get an ad blocker to block all ads. You can easily disable and enable this. For all of you people out there, Ads are awful!!!


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