Kumon Isn’t the Best!

This is a response to mathsinsider.com’s “8 Things to Hate about Kumon – A Review” post.

I just finished my kumon years and saw this! Heres what I think:
I agree with the fact that Kumon is expensive. When it comes to instructors aren’t qualified you’re completely right! Some instructors are actually still completing college. I know for a fact that kumon is extra hard because nobody teaches you how to do anything! You have to figure it out for yourself. Since you do this by yourself you can fail a level and keep on repeating it which becomes boring. Since kumon is in many places and have different instructors you can be faced with someone who could be strict or someone who doesn’t understand the level you are at. I agree that math you don’t get any problems that actually engage you. Like word problems. Kids who do kumon have a disadvantage in school because they don’t use the same methods but the teacher still ask them to do this. I also agree that people who finish kumon aren’t mathematicians because they don’t work on subjects like geometry or advanced algebra. Overall I think that kumon might not be the best place to send your child.


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