Impromptu Challenge

2 minutes per response!!!

Describe the when, where, what, who, how and why of this situation: grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping can happen at any time and in any store like Costco, Walmart and other things. When I go shopping I always go with my family to look for things from vegetables to toys. The store that everybody in my family loves is the Burlington Mall. It’s big, has many things to buy, and it’s open on Saturdays from 3:00-4:00, expect to find me there.

If you had to pick between being a MENSA genius or being wealthy, which would you pick and why?

I would pick to be a MENSA genius. I would pick this for many reasons, but the most important would be able to help people. If you’re a genius then you would be able to help cure cancer or other diseases. This is much better than being wealthy!!!


One thought on “Impromptu Challenge

  1. Hi! My grocery shopping is usually at Market Basket and, because I have two growing kids at home, I have to use two whole shopping carts for my groceries!

    Also, I would be a genius before asking for a lot of money. I figure, if you’re a genius, you can think your way to extra money, and then, because you’d be so wise, you’d be able to spend it well – maybe solving world hunger, or curing cancer… So, genius, definitely. Maybe if I were a genius I’d figure out how to shop at Market Basket without needing two carts!


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