SIDx Talks: Sidharth Vij (ME!!!)

There are many obstacles in life, but you have to overcome them. I know this from experience. When my parents told me 2 weeks before summer break was over that we were moving from Canada to the U.S, I was devastated. Even after all of that 7 months in the U.S and I’m famous on WordPress (J.K) !! In the TEDx Talks about Sam Berns, I was surprised by how many challenges he faces but overcomes. He talks about how to live a happy life no matter what, even though he’s only 17! Could you imagine yourself talking like this with a disease?

In the 7 months I’ve been in the U.S I have experienced many things like making new friends or even trying new things! Yet I still always thought about my whole life. The way that I overcame this was embracing all that happened in Canada and using it here in the U.S. I know all countries have their differences so I tried embracing that too. Once I started going to school I know from experience that it’s hard to make new friends but the best way is to go up to a random person and say, “hi.” That’s just how you get a conversation started, and you can find your way from there. So if you think you’re the only one who has come across a wall (Donald Trump’s Wall), then you’re wrong. You should always continue to cross this wall (get it)!

Heres the video of Sam Berns on TEDx Talks:



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