Ramesses II


Hey guys, I know I haven’t posted for a while but I was gone on vacation and didn’t have my laptop. SO… here’s your 11 year old kid writing about Ramesses II

Have you ever heard of Ramesses II and how great he is? Most people wonder why he’s so great or really who he is? Let me answer these question for you. Ramesses grew up as a commoner but his father was a leading general in the army. At the age of 8, Ramesses started his training with military tactics, and by 15 was leading military groups. Since he was so successful, Ramesses’ father became pharaoh and later on Ramesses himself. There was something special about the way Ramesses was crowned pharaoh though… His father stated that when Ramesses died only one of his sons or daughters could become pharaoh and not be overthrown. Ramesses II has had many accomplishments including; building many famous obelisks, bringing prosperity, and going on many building campaigns. This is why he is so famous.


Even though Ramesses was considered a god, bringing prosperity and peace to Egypt, was he that great? I don’t think he was but others do. He was said to be a bit ruthless in his conquest for power In my opinion, Ramesses wasn’t so great. He actually married 200 women and had 100 kids. Many of these kids did not survive to take the throne. I have also many reasons to say why he was great. Bringing prosperity and peace he was able to bring back building campaigns and military campaigns. With the building campaign’s he decided to put his name on most pieces of architecture. Of course, he was taking credit for other things other pharaohs did. So, the big question is; Was Ramesses that great??


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