Diesel or Gas

Have you ever wondered about whether to choose gasoline or diesel? Well… this is the place you want to find your answers!

Diesel Pros:

Diesel has been said to have many pros. The most important one is being able to travel longer distances but using less gallons. If you are a person who loves to drive to far away places then diesel would be a better option. If you want something cheaper than diesel is where you go. It has a much better fuel economy compared to gasoline.

Diesel Cons:

Diesel may be good in some ways but could be awful for everybody in many other ways. Diesel helps you travel longer distances but it produces 15% more greenhouse gases than gasoline. This seriously hurts the environment and could have even more major effects in the future. Diesel fuel is expensive and could go out of business if diesel companies don’t increase selling costs. Diesel companies need  to increase their sale price from 25%-30% because of how inefficient diesel is. Imagine how much more that will cost in total! As you can see diesel is good yet very bad in many ways.


Gasoline Pros:

Unlike diesel gasoline doesn’t produce as much greenhouse gases, making it more eco friendly than diesel. With less greenhouse gases the world will survive longer, ar at least long enough for mankind to find an eco-friendly resource. Gasoline may be more expensive than diesel currently, but over time it will seem to be a much cheaper alternative because of rising prices and overuse of diesel.

Gasoline Cons:

Gasoline is supposed to last customers a long time, but gasoline has been changed into such a crude oil that it could poison people if they were to repeatedly inhale it directly. Gasoline doesn’t run as long as diesel and would be more expensive to use, especially on long trips somewhere. As you can see gasoline can be great, until you see it’s consequences.


Now for the part that you all have been waiting for! My decision is… Gasoline is the better option. You may disagree with me but this is my unbiased opinion. I chose gasoline mainly because it harms the environment 15% less than diesel. I know it seems bad when I say it that way but the truth is both of these gases harm the environment. If humans don’t start doing things to improve the environment the earth will die even faster. Gasoline is the better option because it will take longer to destroy the environment giving us more time to solve this problem.

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