A to Z Challenge-A for Apple

Apples are amazing. They are delicious fruity and juicy fruits according to my friends. Unfortunately I don’t like them so I have to go visit the doctor (get it). I don’t like apples because they are way too sweet or sour for me. I like apple juice though which is the ironic thing.

How I first tried an apple:

One day when I was very, very young my mom thought it would be good for a chubby baby like me to eat something nice and fresh. We were able to buy some fresh apples and I (unfortunately) wanted to try one. I took a bite and I had a sour look on my face because of how sour it is (ironic, I know). Well that’s the first time I tried an apple and sure wasn’t the last!

Why I like apple juice:

I like apple juice because they add sugar! That’s why me, a kid, likes apple juice so much. With sugar I’m able to stay up longer without drinking soda or pop, that’s a plus side for me at least! So as you can see that it is very ironic I love apple juice but not apples themselves.

How you can use apples:

I still know many ways you can use apples in your life though. It can be in salads, or a garnish or even a dessert. Some desserts include; cobbler, apple pie, apple ice cream (is a thing), crumble, candied apple, cake, apple pound cake okay I gotta stop because I’m getting hungry. Wait one second, OmNomOmNom okay we’re good!!!

The most important fact about apples:

Even if you don’t like apples they are probably the healthiest fruit discovered by humankind!!!

Gn guys


Image taken from:

“IPhone 7.” Apple. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 May 2017. <https://www.apple.com/&gt;.


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