A-Z Challenge B for Byzantine

The Byzantine emperor was one of the most important empires to ever take place in history. It started as the continuation of the Roman Empire.  It began as a small town and the expanded it into it’s own empire. The reason the Byzantine Empire is so well known is because of it’s artistic legacy. Many important writers and artists from Byzantine’s capital and mini states fled to the west bringing with them all their precious knowledge of art. One of the most famous painters during the Renaissance time was influenced from Byzantine artists. The Byzantine Empire had a very interesting downfall. They were attacked by three main cultures, the Italians, Ottoman Turks and the Seljuk Turks. The reason that the Byzantines Empire’s downfall was interesting was because it didn’t fall until the last attack even after the capital, Constantinople, fell.

Here are some interesting facts about the Byzantine Empire:

  • It wasn’t called the Byzantine Empire until after it fell
  • Constantinople was purpose built to serve as an imperial capital
  • Its most influential emperor came from humble origins
  • A riot by chariot racing hooligans nearly brought the empire to it’s knees
  • Byzantine rulers were known to blind and mutilate their rivals
  • It’s military used an early version of napalm (Greek Fire)
  • The empire gave rise to the Eastern Orthodox Church
  • Its capital was sacked during the crusades
  • The invention of the cannon helped bring about the Empire’s fall
  • The Byzantines preserved many of the writings of Ancient Greece
  • Byzantines were very innovative in science and technology


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