A to Z Challenge- D for Diwali

Diwali is a festive holiday for those who believe in Hinduism. They celebrate Diwali because of Lord Rama’s returning to Ayodhya after defeating the demon, Lord Ravana. Hindus light up their houses to make a pathway of light for Lord Rama’s return during the dark moonless night. Hindus celebrate this on varying days during the months of October and November. The days are varying because they must light up their houses on the day of a moonless night. During Diwali Hindus would eat a hearty feast. The food would be classical things, samosas, prontas, curry’s etc,  with a mother’s old twist on it. After that the woman would use henna to stain their hands with decorations for the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. During the night families would come together and light up mini fireworks. This would symbolize the pathway that Lord Rama shall take. I myself have had man experiences with Diwali. My favorite experience would be in 2016 when I ate so much food I almost threw up. It was so fun being able to spend time with friends and family! After dinner we would light fireworks (my brother almost caught on fire), and watch them explode like mini suns in the air. Diwali is basically July fourth, except with more people celebrating it across the globe. Diwali is my favorite holiday ever!!!


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Picture of woman with henna on her hands


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