A to Z challenge- E for Extinction

Extinction is the end of a civilization or species. In the past there have been many civilizations and animals that have been completely annihilated. One example is the mammoths. They were eliminated in 1650 B.C.E. by meteors, according to scientists and historians. Others believed it was the cause of global warming first taking place. No one will really know what happened to the mammoths. Another example would be the civilization of the Mayans. They may have been very powerful but they eventually left in 900 A.D. leaving their civilization to be destroyed. Scholars from the 19th century until now are still debating why the Mayans left their great and powerful city. There are many examples of death all around us that can affect our everyday lives.

You may not know that, but extinct species can affect the lives of humans in many ways. For example; If the bee population would be completely decimated then humans would not survive. Bees pollinate many plants and trees. We get oxygen from trees and food from plants, without these you would not have food or air. As you can see there are many effects resulting from a civilization or animal species being completely annulled. Another example would be the desolation of democracy. Democracy may not be a civilization but is an important factor in creating and maintaining a successful one. If democracy is eliminated then people would have no choices. Furthermore if democracy was to be destroyed then no person would be able to lead the citizens. All laws will be crumbling down with no organized system to efficiently detain enemies or make allies with other countries. Imagine if this was to happen to our world. As you can see, people should pay more attention to the extinction of civilizations and species.


Image From:

“Extinction.” BrainPOP. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 May 2017.


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