Herodotus was a famous Greek historian who was born in Halicarnassus in 485 B.C.E. He wasn’t just a famous Greek historian though. He was also a notable warrior with many successes on the battlefield. He proved this by going back to his hometown and supporting a rebellion against the Persians. Being a famous historian Herodotus wanted to make a name for himself. He traveled to Egypt, from there Babylon, then to Macedonia and Greek archipelago where he traveled to many islands. He traveled many other places that would take me to long to list. On these trips, he wrote personal inquiries or really he kept a diary. He recorded all the famous landmarks, legends/myths, and cities that he saw and described them in great detail. When Herodotus was not traveling he would be in Athens paid to do readings for the city about what he saw. He was so famous that the city of Athens voted him 10 talents which would amount to $200,000 currently. Herodotus spent his whole life working on one project! That project was to find out the origins of the Greek-Persian war and the end of it. He recorded his work in a book called the “Histories,” this was where the word “history” was derived from.  After Herodotus died historians divided his big book into nine books named after the Nine Muses. His books are often harshly judged for not being factual and containing fiction tales with morals. His biggest criticizer was Thucydides who was known as the first historian. Herodotus was called the first liar for making everything fiction. No one can deny though that Herodotus turned a dry political story into something amazing!


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