A to Z Challenge-G for Gnomes

Rules of the post: Blurb + no backspacing to fix errors! (I ues (se, use) brackets to  (I use brackets to fix mistakes:):):)

I Gnome what your thinking. Sid this is a crazy person who is writing random stuff now. He doesn’t Gnome what he is thinking and just made the same mistake twice. Actually no. I just am writing about Gnomes today sa (as) you saw in the title. Well let’s put it in simple terms for a 1st grader. I HATE GNOMES. I hate Gnomes becasue (because) they are creepy. All they do is stare at you when people say it’s “GOOD LUCK>” (.) Really it doesn’t give you good luck. People just buy it because of the seller. The seller just says stuff ot (to) make more profit because of how costly it is to make Go (Gnomes). Gnomes are so not alive by the way. The definition of a living thing is that it has emotion, a heartbeat, and actual organs not hardend () (e) (hardened) clay. Gnokmes disgust me!!! I have to say im running out of ideas here about Gnomes. I Gnome this sounds stupid and that I shouldv’e (Shouldv) (SHould’ve) planned ahead but i’m a really sorry person who didn’t do it. by the way that was a run on sentence. Okay i have one minute left to write because i am right now currently being challenged by my tatty teacher to do this. Oh well i must say this and you better GNOME THIS> (.) Gnomes are CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (!!!)


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