A to Z Challenge- H is Harlem

Characters: Sid, Hessah (The tatty tutor).

Setting: Sid’s luxurious mansion in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. August 28, 1963

Plot: Sid is discovering things about modern day Harlem and the renaissance time.

Type of Performance: Play with script and costumes

Scene I

Sid and Hessah enter

Sid: Hi Hessah!

Hessah: Hey Sid the Kid!

Sid: What do I have to blog about today?

Hessah: Sid, I’m sorry to say this but you have to blog about Harlem. You will have to make it a play script using the words: Hood, Hyperbole, History, Heartfelt, Heavy.

Sid: Fine

Scene II

Sid exits to get pizza and then returns.

Sid: Well I know Harlem is well known for it’s history during the Renaissance because it became a center for african american’s culture, right?

Hessah: Absolutely correct, you get a stamp!

Sid: Didn’t the people used to say, “Welcome to the hood?” I also have a question.

Hessah: What?

Sid: Wasn’t there a heavy burden on families in Harlem because of so much poverty during the Great Depression. Some of my friends say that people during the Great Depression could get along just fine.

Hessah: No, no, your friends are so wrong.

Sid: So what was it like in Harlem?

Hessah: Well Sid, it was a time of greatness amidst the worst. White people were fascinated by the heartfelt literature of black poets and writers. Most of their works could be classified as hyperbole. An example is Langston Hughes poem, Dreams.

Sid: Oh, ok now I understand what Harlem was like back in the old days. Thanks Hessah! Should I start now?

Hessah: Yup, also you have one minute to write 250 words down good luck!


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