A to Z Challenge- J for Jester

Just saying this is a literature review.

I will be doing a review on this source:


This source that I have just read, (and hope you will read) has lots of worthwhile information on jesters of the Middle Age. Most people know the basis of what jesters are, people who would entertain a wealthy noble. What most people don’t know is the specific facts about them. Jesters had many rights compared to normal commoners. They were able to speak their mind freely and make fun of a king’s or queen’s court. The only reason jesters had this right was because they were meant to entertain. With no freedom of speech, what were they supposed to talk about? Many people do not know the type of clothes that jesters wore. Jesters would wear extravagant clothes to get their masters excited about what was to come next. Gradually the clothes became more awe-inspiring until the modern day we think of now. A hat with three tails and bells sticking out of it, different colored pants, t-shirt, etc. Another  fact you probably wouldn’t know is that jesters occasionally advised the kings. Before kings would go off into war they would ask their jester’s opinion on the war. As you will find out jesters have so many unknown facts that could’ve influenced civilization.

When I first read this article I was surprised by how important jesters were in the Middle Ages. They had much more rights than most people and were even advisers to the king. What I thought about jesters at first was the same thing most people thought before reading this post. I do question occasionally if this is a reliable source though. It has many repetitions of phrases, information, and specific words. If you are a professional, or even an amateur writer, you shouldn’t be making mistakes like this. Other than that this was an amazing source to read and write about!

I would use this source as a mentor text on organizing my thoughts. This article was very organized!

P.S I am an amateur writer in grade 6.



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