A to Z Challenge- K for KUNG FU!!!!!!!!

In this post I will be pretending to be a Kung Fu master explaining the Shaolin way.


Kung Fu was first developed as a defense in time of need in the Shang and Zhou dynasties (17 bc to 256 bc). These dynasties used it to enhance the soldiers hand to hand combat techniques. They may have had stone and wood weapons, but if you’re a citizen that doesn’t have any then Kung Fu is the thing you need to know. I myself started learning Kung Fu at the age of five. One emperor named Qi Huangong had actually held martial arts competitions twice a year. By the way, martial arts also includes wrestling, fencing, sword dance and sword fighting. Pretty amazing right!


Shaolin is the type of Kung Fu that I teach. Other people at our school teaches other Kung Fu styles but onto my type. Shaolin is one of the most important Kung Fu styles, but also one of the deadliest! Shaolin as you may know is also one of the most famous types of Kung Fu and featured in tons of movies. This is probably because movie creators want to make violent movies to sell box office tickets for a long time. Imagine the stunt guys in that! Anyway, now I will demonstrate 5 different types of Kung Fu/Shaolin moves.

The Leopard; Attack or run? It depends on the timing. The leopard knows just when to strike!

The Tiger; Win at any cost. The tiger will never back down!

The Crane; Kill with Grace. The Crane is graceful with no intention of getting dirty.

The Snake; Sly, soft, lethal. The snake is cunning just like this move.

The Dragon; The eyes have it. The dragon’s eyes tell it all, balls of fire they are!




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