A to Z Challenge- M for M&M’s

I’m guessing that most of you know what M&Ms are. If you don’t then M&Ms are tiny little chocolate balls wrapped in a color using food coloring. My favorite M&M is the blue flavor!

My favorite color is blue because it reminds me of swimming. Alot of people like swimming because it is a calm sport just like the color blue. Get cool my dudes! Most people who eat blue (that I know) are very calm. According to Adweek in 1995 M&M had a vote for next color in the M&M series. The color blue won by an extremely large amount. This was a good thing as well. According to scientists, blue food coloring actually helps the body recover from spinal injuries. They actually did a test on rats with spinal problems. The rats could start walking and actually turned blue! As you can see the blue M&M have their nice perks. Imagine having this to help you with back problems! This is amazing and could be a whole new science that could save the human race. Now don’t you think blue M&Ms are the best?

My opinion:

As you know I love blue M&Ms! I have given you reasons to believe it is the best and I know you know it is the best! SO… if you are reading this I want you to tell me what your favorite M&M color is, or what color you would want invented. BLUE M&MS ROCK!!!


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