A-Z Challenge- O for Overachiever

This post is fortunately going to be whimsical and have a little (or a lot) of lighthearted roasting, which is really easy! But anyway, let’s get into it!


Overachievers have the worst personality ever! They don’t even have fun. I mean I’m obviously an overachiever, but I have a good personality and actually don’t hate people who are better than me! People in higher education are either overachievers or stuck ups, which is basically the same thing. Don’t you think this is fun, readers. You should drop some comments below after the post telling me what you think is funny about overachievers, especially the ones you know at school! Overachievers are such show offs. It’s school for crying out loud! I mean seriously! I get if you’re bragging about sports, but education? Just no… no. I mean I could brag forever about all my academic achievements, but I think they’re boring, and I achieved them! I feel bad for anyone who has to deal with (I have to deal with them!) overachievers every day in school. I feel your pain, people of the world who are reading this in different languages (I think)… Now for all you overachievers who are reading this, go find something better in life (if you can think of something – and you know you will!). Go learn how to throw a ball or kick one. Maybe I can teach you – 9 years of soccer will not go to waste! Wait, never mind, I would have to explain everything in a formula for you guys! Anyway, get with the actual modern wil, you people, and PEACE OUT!!!


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