A to Z Challenge- P for Project

In this post I will be telling my “class” about a “project” I did. Hope ya’ll enjoy!

Teacher: Hello class! Today we will be presenting our projects that I gave you 2 weeks to work on. Ya’ll remember that, right???

Class: Yes we do!!! (everybody was already bored out of their mind).

Teacher: I’ll draw names out of a hat and see who goes first! (reaches into a hat and pulls out a name, everybody started a drumroll) Sid (me), you will be going up first!

Me: Everybody around me was like; good luck with that or you’re just unlucky man, but then someone whispered a plan to me.

Teacher: What will your project be about Sid?

Me: My project is about . . . (drumroll again) . . . Herodotus, the greatest Greek scholar and philosopher of all time.

Teacher: Well well, you went back to our Greek unit then. Very creative, carry on then!

Me: Well for those of you who don’t know, Herodotus was born in Halicarnassus 484 B.C.E. He is most known for creating the nine books known is english as the “Histories,” which told not only about the history of the Greek-Persian war, but also that of the legends myths and accounts from people across Persia to Egypt!

Teacher: Well said, but you’re taking alot of time from the class. May you please hurry it up, but don’t rush it too much!

Me: The other kid’s plan was working, I thought, all I have to do is last until the end of class and then we’re home free until Monday. Then the bell rang!

Teacher: Okay kids have a good weekend, we will continue this on Monday.

Me: On my way out everybody was thanking me, even the popular girls! Oh yeah I thought, life is going to be great!

Hope ya’ll liked it!


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