A to Z Challenge- O for Ostrich

Hey it’s Sid back at ya with another blog post featuring…ostriches!!! Sorry  I haven’t been posting very often I have been on vacation with my family. Anyway let’s get into it!

Now I’m guessing most of you know what an ostrich is. Large flightless bird that pokes its head in the ground when it’s scared. Instead of telling you the basics I’m going to be telling you interesting facts about ostriches!

First off I’m going to be giving you some more indepth information on the ostrich. So the ostrich may not fly but is still considered a bird because of its bone build. It lives in the North African region. It’s scientific name is Struthio camelus, which basically means strutting camel (according to my Latin and Greek knowledge). Now I think it’s time for the interesting facts, you guys deserve it after listening to this boring speech.

The first fun fact would be that ostriches don’t have one not two but three stomachs!!! Isn’t that amazing and weird at the same time? The next fun fact is that ostriches can run up to 70mph! That is super fast. They travel 5 metres in every stride. Do the math people! Did you know, if an ostrich were to kick as hard as it could it could kill a human or even a major predator like the lion! Imagine how hard it would be to control the, legs. Oh yeah, that reminds me, ostriches use their wings to control the movement when their running. Isn’t that cool? Anyway I think you get the idea about ostriches, and again I’m sorry for not posting as much!


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