A to Z Challenge-Q for QWERTY

Hey guys, i’m back and today i’ll be talking/writing about the QWERTY. A simplistic design of the modern day keyboard!

Before i talk about the QWERTY keyboard, let’s first go back a little farther in time. Back then the keyboard wasn’t in QWERTY form, all the letters were in a, b, c… order. This eventually died out because people who typed fast were slower because the keys kept jamming.


In 1936 the keyboard was made in the Dvorak layout. This was made to have all the keys or letters in the most comfortable position possible. Of course this wasn’t a QWERTY keyboard, the letters were placed in different spaces. This didn’t get jammed as much, which was good for all those fast typers like me!


In 1956, 20 years later for those of you who are too lazy to do the math, Massachusetts Institute of Technology or M.I.T had made the first ever keyboard to directly connect to a computer. It used the QWERTY keyboard style. You might be thinking wow, well those guys are super smart, compared to today it’s nothing. That computer was still very slow and if you were to search up something in a dictionary it would be faster.


In 1964, i’m not doing the math, IBM released a QWERTY keyboard with new keys like; Esc, Alt, Ctrl, Pause, Break and SysRq (system request). This completely changed the design of the QWERTY keyboard, making things very efficient for users who needed it. Later on IBM developed the enter, insert, page up and down, and arrow keys. Vital components of a modern day keyboard. Then IBM released a computer with 83 keys, a modern day keyboard.


As you can see, the QWERTY keyboard has evolved over time into a machine used by almost everyone not just to type, but to search, calculate, create and learn about things. Imagine our life without the QWERTY keyboard!


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