Steve Jobs the American Genius

The book “Steve Jobs: the American Genius” is a very inspirational story about a tech guru and his way to the top of the world. On February 24th 1995 people say Steve’s story began as he was adopted by Paul and Clary Jobs. His biological parents made them promise to send him off to college. This is very difficult though, due to the fact that Steve was so smart he decided to skip school. His parents eventually convinced him to go to college.


One of Jobs’ most important achievements is the founding of Apple. His company first started out as Apple Computers, which only developed computers and not advanced cell phones like today. In 1976 Wozniak and Jobs had created the Apple I and decided to sell it for $666.66. They made their second computer the Apple II as a mainstream computer in 1977. Wozniak and Jobs had a common goal, to see everybody with an Apple computer. Steve had too much responsibility and decided to hire a CEO named Sculley from Pepsi Co. for the new face of Apple. This turned out to be a bad idea as he got the board to vote out Jobs from the company. Jobs wasn’t going to quit that easily and decided to sell all his shares but one from Apple. He used this money to create a new company, NeXT! Eventually, the board invited Jobs back when it was evident that Sculley was failing and Apple began to prosper again.


One of the most important facts in this book about Apple is it success story. Apple had been an underdog company starting out with only $6 per share. By May 2010 it had achieved over $100 per share! This shows how even the smallest dreams can become one big reality! In today’s time people have Apple devices everywhere, and friendly competition between different companies. This shows how you shouldn’t be afraid to follow your dreams and find out where it takes you.


This book shows how Jobs is identified as a person who will never give in to what people say and continue his path. Jobs throughout his lifetime was faced with many challenges. From losing his position at Apple, to clawing his way back to the top. He is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs or even young children who want to be just as passionate and successful as him. The main thing that sticks with you though is the fact that Jobs didn’t do it for the money. He wanted to make people’s lives easier, more fun, and help make the world it is today!


In my opinion of the book I thought that it was amazing. It shows the pure power of following your dreams and never giving up! This would be a great life lesson for not just me, but everybody in the world! Without Steve Jobs all you would be looking at was a world without the creation of new exciting ideas! Friendly competition between Apple and Samsung wouldn’t exist! Steve Jobs truly was an important person!


A to Z Challenge = W for Waterloo

The battle of Waterloo took place on June 18 1815, Belgium. This was the place where Napoleon had finally met defeat. The two forces in this historic battle were the French against the Russians and Prussians. Napoleon didn’t lose just because of the enemy’s power. Many attacks had besieged France before this, weakening his army. It was said that Napoleon was so obsessed with winning that he cried when he was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo.

The war was fought between the French and the alliance of the Russians+Prussians. As Napoleon came back from abdication to lead the people of France once again. He trained 72,000 men and took them to the great Battle of Waterloo. The Russians only had 68,000 troops and were outnumbered. During the war, at some time the Prussians came with 30,000 more troops. The French fled but suffered 33,000 casualties in deaths, prisoners, or injured.

After returning from the battle, Napoleon was once again abdicated and left on the remote British-held island of Saint Helens. He was sent there not for just his defeats, but his choice to continue with war and choose bad commanders. He later died of stomach cancer at age 51. In my humble opinion napoleon was completely absurd thinking that he could just go off to war. He was obsessed with war – it almost seemed like it was entertaining to him. If I was Napoleon I’d stop going to war and start actually leading my people. They need someone to guide them.


A to Z Challenge-V for Vision

Hello class I know that tomorrow you will be graduating! Everybody cheers to finally get out of school! I know you all are hoping for an inspirational speech from your favorite teacher… (No reply) Today I will be teaching you about Vision 101. I know all of you are smart kids who have a bright future ahead of you. I want you to know that you shouldn’t throw that away. Your vision of the future is what you want the vision to be. From engineer to taxi driver (please don’t throw away you smart brains like that), I will support it in anyway (except taxi drivers). They charge way too much! Everyone laughs. You’ve studied for years and years to finally face the real business world. Making deals, cutting your losses, starting multi billionaire companies (If you do get me season tickets to the Red Sox Game). Once you go out there, I want you to believe in yourself and not follow others. You are smart enough to do what you believe in, not do another persons hard work and let them take the credit. Go out there and be your best! Bell Rings Everyone says they’ll get me season tickets. I pad myself on the back for that part.

A to Z Challenge- U for Uber

5 WORDS: Carrots, Nylon, Gas, President, Terrible

I was munching on my carrots reading about the terrible mistakes that the President has made this month. He isn’t helping the citizens affected by Hurricane Harvey even though there is billions of dollars invested in FEMA. I put away my empty bag of carrots and get out some nylon string to fiddle with. I was super bored and work wasn’t going well for me. I had to constantly write a news report for CNN and I didn’t want to say anything about this unexpected “vacation.” I decided to go home so I called an Uber. Of course there were 5 Uber’s near me, it’s New York for crying out loud. I waited a minute before an Uber who pulled over right in front of me. I asked his name, his name was Bob. I told him where my house was and waited for a response. Bob said it would be about 10 mins. I asked where he’s from, the reply was unexpected. He’s from Alaska, pretty cold up there. It turns out there wasn’t much gas left in the tank. We found a gas station and refilled. We got to my house and I left tipping him. That was my glorious Uber ride.


S stands for summer vacation moment. T stands for twister. U stands for

My favorite moment of this summer was my trip to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, I wrote about it here: At first I thought it would be super boring because I would have to learn more history, and I already had to got to the Notre Dame Church, Palace of Versailles, etc. Then I thought about some cool history facts about the Eiffel Tower. When Hitler came to Paris to destroy the Eiffel Tower, the people cut the tram lines to the tram so Hitler would have to walk all 1059 steps, with his heavy equipment! Imagine the situation they were in! Once I learned a few facts I started to think that this was actually cool place. I mean come on they had restaurants up there! Not very good ones, but at least they had them! My favourite part of the Eiffel Tower was the view. I could see everything for miles away. First thing that popped into mind though, “I can see my house from up here!” Anyway…back on topic. I know that some people say that the Eiffel Tower wasn’t really built by Gustave Eiffel but it’s only partially true. Gustave Eiffel was the one who funded the project and presented the ideas with his partner. If you want feel free to tell me about your experience with the Eiffel Tower in the comments!

Twisters or more commonly known as tornadoes are having a huge impact on people and their lifestyle after a tornado. Tornadoes are usually created by warm airs from the Gulf of Mexico and cold air from Canada. When these two “airs” meet, they create instability in the air around them starting to whirl at a rapid pace going up to 300mph. Eventually tornadoes will start to die out slowly, meaning the air will slowly dissipate you wouldn’t see any trace of it. Of course after a twister or tornado there will be wreckage and havoc after it. The winds going at speeds so high could completely obliterate houses telephone lines generators etc. This won’t just hurt or kill people, they will have no way of finding a home! Billions of dollars will be needed if a big twister hit a major city! Officially, the widest tornado on record is the El Reno, Oklahoma tornado of May 31, 2013 with a width of 2.6 miles (4.2 km). 8 people died (Mostly Storm Chasers) and 151 people were injured. If there is ever a tornado warning in your area take cover in a very reliable place or get out of the area as fast as you can!



The Eiffel Tower

I’m betting that all of you know what the EIffel Tower is! If you don’t (very sad)…the Eiffel Tower is one of the tallest monuments visited by millions of people every year. It is almost an engineering masterpiece. If you want to know more, then keep reading.

As I said before, “It is almost an engineering masterpiece,” is very true. Due to weather changes and the fact that the Eiffel Tower is made out of metal the tower moves 15 centimetres a year. Amazing isn’t it! They should have called it Eiffel’s Moving Tower.

Now I know how much people might hate history but I will have to give you a mini history lesson. Now most of you may know this EIffel Tower was named after Gustave Eiffel, yet he didn’t make the plans for the Eiffel Tower. The person you all should be looking up to and congratulating is Maurice Koechlin. The first time he showed his plans to Gustave he turned him down. Gustave told him to be more ornate and complex with this structure. Maurice came back with the plans just in time in 1887 for the World Fair being held in Paris. 100’s of artists had designed plans for the world fair in Paris.The fair was to celebrate the 100 years of the French Revolution. The winner got their structure made in the center of Paris, also known as Champ De-Mars. Of course you all know that Gustave Eiffel and Maurice won.

Now let’s get into some interesting facts!

Did you know that the Paris citizens did not like the thought of a giant metal structure over their heads. In 1909 the Eiffel Tower was almost teared down but the governors voted to keep it as a radio satellite. It saved people’s lives in both WW1 and WW2 by contacting the military. The funniest thing happened when Hitler came to tear down the Eiffel Tower. The French cut down the cables to the tram so thats Hitler and his men had to climb all 1,509 stairs with their heavy equipment. The last fact I have to say has got to do with the Eiffel Tower’s paint. Every 7 years the 500 employees working their will get a break as they have hired people to repaint it. Imagine the weight of 10 elephants! Thats how much the paint weighed!

Anyway…I think y’all get what I mean when i say the Eiffel Tower is not just historical but an amazing piece of work that everybody has to see.


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R for Rue de Gramont

Hey guys, this post is about the street I am living on in Paris. I’ll be telling you about Paris, what I like about it and the street itself.

Ok, so Rue de Gramont is a very lively street. If you live there, then you know how many restaurants, markets, and subways there are. This is a great area to live in because you have access to a subway that can take you to tons or popular places, like the Eiffel Tower of the Notre dame church. Wouldn’t it be nice to live there? Imagine every day at work you see the Eiffel Tower outside the window of your corner office. I would love that (the corner office I mean).

My second favourite thing about this street is the fact that you’re so close to different restaurants with so many cuisines. I loved eating food there and for the first time had fondu (regular version, and chocolate version)! Different cuisines include; Chinese, Italian, Indian, Mcdonalds (lol) etc. My brother loved the Mcdonald’s while I loved the Italian cuisine.

Now you’re probably wondering where all I went and different sorts like that. Well… in Paris I went to the Notre Dame Church, Eiffel Tower, London Eye, Louvre and The Famous London Dungeon! These are places you have to go to because of their historical influence in their times and even now actually. I mean come on! In only 200 years people built the Notre Dame Church with their bare hands! That’s still a difficult feat today! Then theres the Eiffel Tower which took only two years and two months to build, and it’s huge! The London Eye is a great way to get a nice view of the Thames, buildings and all of Paris really! The Louvre is a great place to learn history. Finally the London Dungeon which is a good scare has 19 live shows, 2 rides, and tells some great history. You have to go to this place!

If you are planning to go to Paris, make sure you book tickets, or else you will be standing in line for hours!