Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was one of the greatest men on earth. He was a visionary, genius and inspiration to people with and without disabilities. He continued to live life to the fullest even after doctors said he had only a few years of life left. Starring on multiple shows as himself he proved to the world that there is always hope, no matter what obstacle will stand in your way.

Stephen Hawking had his own challenges and overcame many of them. After being diagnosed with motoneurone disease developing at a very slow rate, he had to make a life decision, be confined to a wheelchair, or death. Some would say at that moment that before his true fame that he should’ve chosen death, yet he didn’t. Stephen knew that life would be difficult, living with others looking at him with pity and not being able to do things the same way, but he also knew that he could overcome these things.

Stephen has amassed 16 prestigious awards that will always be his legacy. Upon his passing a few days ago people have begun to look at him differently. Not as a person who overcame a disability, but a person who overcame the problems of having a disability. He focused on the things he could do very well, not on the things he couldn’t do.


Losing Stargirl

“Stargirl” by Jerry Spinelli is an exhilarating tale of celebrating nonconformity within our society. The protagonist, Leo Borlock, has always had a normal life until Stargirl arrived. He is intrigued by her upon meeting her. He was just another example of a typical student at Mica High. Stargirl, on the other hand, represents individuality and what the world should be like. They may act different, have different friends and express their emotions differently but that does not mean they were perfect for each other. Throughout the book, you can see how their feelings and emotions towards each other and the people around them change.


Leo has always been an archetypical student at Mica High. He liked the same music, talked about the same topics, and went to the same places as everybody else. He was normal until Stargirl came along. With just one smile, she has Leo under her spell, and with a few whoops and cheers, she sparks a school revolution. Yet, she will never be truly one of them. Everyone tolerates Stargirl and not accepts her as one of their own because she keeps crossing the line. One day it became too much. The whole school began to shun Stargirl for her actions and unorthodox character. Leo kept supporting her though, but not in the way everyone expects. His efforts are concentrated on trying to change her towards the one thing she was not: being normal. It worked at some short-lived point, but it did not solve the problem. Leo, presented with a choice of either staying with Stargirl or leaving her forever, makes the wrong choice, causing Stargirl to disappear without a trace.


In my opinion, Stargirl was another classic love story that didn’t end well, and yet it was more than that. It celebrated people’s individuality and what the world needs to be. I believe that this book is one that you should treasure for it will remind you every day of how all of us should be our own individual and will lose something very precious when we become the mundane gray.

If I could change one thing about myself…

If I could change one thing about myself it would be that I had another arm+hand. I would want this because people are very limited with only two hands. With this third one, I could eat, drink, and play a video game all at the same time! That would make my life much easier and much more interesting. Having a third arm would also make me even more interesting! It would be a new experience and I would have to teach myself how to use it.

Now being limited to only two hands is very annoying. People are constantly working and always want to make things go more smoothly and efficiently. With this third hand, I could write 3 different assignments all at once! Imagine how easy my life would be! Even though this may never happen it’s still worth dreaming about.

New experiences are always difficult to do. With this third arm, I probably wouldn’t be able to have complete control of it which might stump me a bit. I would have to teach myself how to use it because people obviously don’t have experience with a third arm. That’s the most fun part of growing a whole new limb! Do you think you could do it?

I believe that this third arm would help me in everyday life no matter what consequences people say there will be. I could do many different things at once without breaking a sweat! I could speed up processes that could take me days to do. I believe that everybody should have this third arm to help with their life!

Des-pa-ci-to (Spanish Version)

Prompt: I will imagine myself in Barrios, Puerto Rico where they filmed Despacito. I have to describe my version of a day in Barrios.

Today is an average day in Barrios, Puerto Rico. I walk down the road seeing people of all ages and ethnicities coming together in this poor town. Men and woman are finally coming together in this unfortunate town after being in the music video for “Despacito.” I continue to walk down the street admiring all the rich culture but also despising all the poorness. These people do not deserve this yet this place has been bankrupt many times over. I believe that one day this city will be rich once again with not only money but also keep all sense of history. Despacito may not have changed much but it has definitely inspired others to start changing.

My Virus

Prompt: I’ve created a virus that can spread to any device. What image or message would display on the screen and how could I get rid of it?

My virus is almost undefeatable! It corrupts any device; handheld or desktop. The only way a person could keep away my virus would be to install malware protector. Unfortunately, my Trojan Horse cannot get past the advanced systems of malware protector. Darn it! Luckily if you do get my virus you will get to see an animated picture of a dancing banana. It would also display the message: “GOT YOU!”

Do you think you can beat my virus!

Steve Jobs the American Genius

The book “Steve Jobs: the American Genius” is a very inspirational story about a tech guru and his way to the top of the world. On February 24th 1995 people say Steve’s story began as he was adopted by Paul and Clary Jobs. His biological parents made them promise to send him off to college. This is very difficult though, due to the fact that Steve was so smart he decided to skip school. His parents eventually convinced him to go to college.


One of Jobs’ most important achievements is the founding of Apple. His company first started out as Apple Computers, which only developed computers and not advanced cell phones like today. In 1976 Wozniak and Jobs had created the Apple I and decided to sell it for $666.66. They made their second computer the Apple II as a mainstream computer in 1977. Wozniak and Jobs had a common goal, to see everybody with an Apple computer. Steve had too much responsibility and decided to hire a CEO named Sculley from Pepsi Co. for the new face of Apple. This turned out to be a bad idea as he got the board to vote out Jobs from the company. Jobs wasn’t going to quit that easily and decided to sell all his shares but one from Apple. He used this money to create a new company, NeXT! Eventually, the board invited Jobs back when it was evident that Sculley was failing and Apple began to prosper again.


One of the most important facts in this book about Apple is it success story. Apple had been an underdog company starting out with only $6 per share. By May 2010 it had achieved over $100 per share! This shows how even the smallest dreams can become one big reality! In today’s time people have Apple devices everywhere, and friendly competition between different companies. This shows how you shouldn’t be afraid to follow your dreams and find out where it takes you.


This book shows how Jobs is identified as a person who will never give in to what people say and continue his path. Jobs throughout his lifetime was faced with many challenges. From losing his position at Apple, to clawing his way back to the top. He is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs or even young children who want to be just as passionate and successful as him. The main thing that sticks with you though is the fact that Jobs didn’t do it for the money. He wanted to make people’s lives easier, more fun, and help make the world it is today!


In my opinion of the book I thought that it was amazing. It shows the pure power of following your dreams and never giving up! This would be a great life lesson for not just me, but everybody in the world! Without Steve Jobs all you would be looking at was a world without the creation of new exciting ideas! Friendly competition between Apple and Samsung wouldn’t exist! Steve Jobs truly was an important person!

A to Z Challenge = W for Waterloo

The battle of Waterloo took place on June 18 1815, Belgium. This was the place where Napoleon had finally met defeat. The two forces in this historic battle were the French against the Russians and Prussians. Napoleon didn’t lose just because of the enemy’s power. Many attacks had besieged France before this, weakening his army. It was said that Napoleon was so obsessed with winning that he cried when he was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo.

The war was fought between the French and the alliance of the Russians+Prussians. As Napoleon came back from abdication to lead the people of France once again. He trained 72,000 men and took them to the great Battle of Waterloo. The Russians only had 68,000 troops and were outnumbered. During the war, at some time the Prussians came with 30,000 more troops. The French fled but suffered 33,000 casualties in deaths, prisoners, or injured.

After returning from the battle, Napoleon was once again abdicated and left on the remote British-held island of Saint Helens. He was sent there not for just his defeats, but his choice to continue with war and choose bad commanders. He later died of stomach cancer at age 51. In my humble opinion napoleon was completely absurd thinking that he could just go off to war. He was obsessed with war – it almost seemed like it was entertaining to him. If I was Napoleon I’d stop going to war and start actually leading my people. They need someone to guide them.