A-Z Challenge- O for Overachiever

This post is fortunately going to be whimsical and have a little (or a lot) of lighthearted roasting, which is really easy! But anyway, let’s get into it!


Overachievers have the worst personality ever! They don’t even have fun. I mean I’m obviously an overachiever, but I have a good personality and actually don’t hate people who are better than me! People in higher education are either overachievers or stuck ups, which is basically the same thing. Don’t you think this is fun, readers. You should drop some comments below after the post telling me what you think is funny about overachievers, especially the ones you know at school! Overachievers are such show offs. It’s school for crying out loud! I mean seriously! I get if you’re bragging about sports, but education? Just no… no. I mean I could brag forever about all my academic achievements, but I think they’re boring, and I achieved them! I feel bad for anyone who has to deal with (I have to deal with them!) overachievers every day in school. I feel your pain, people of the world who are reading this in different languages (I think)… Now for all you overachievers who are reading this, go find something better in life (if you can think of something – and you know you will!). Go learn how to throw a ball or kick one. Maybe I can teach you – 9 years of soccer will not go to waste! Wait, never mind, I would have to explain everything in a formula for you guys! Anyway, get with the actual modern wil, you people, and PEACE OUT!!!

A to Z Challenge- N for Nuclear Weapons

Author Note: Hey guys, today I will be pretending to be a news reporter outside of the United Nations headquarters in NYC after an emergency meeting at the security council regarding North Korea’s threats.

Good evening everyone, this is Sid Da Kid from CNN reporting to you live from just outside the United Nations headquarters in New York City. Today we have a serious situation. It turns out the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has threatened the United States with a nuclear attack. After the debate inside it seems to be the case that the United States will just wait it out. The former president Barack Obama was also at the meeting this afternoon. The U.N invited him for his valuable input as a former president. President Trump could not attend this meeting because he is in Washington meeting with Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau. Even though the United States will try waiting it out, there have been many mentions of launching a military campaign to deploy troops to North Korea in retaliation.

The main question is: Will North Korea launch the attack? Will the United States have a plan when they do? Was the meeting with the Security Council a success?

Based on the reaction around me, it seems like people are generally frightened by what is to come next. If North Korea decides to attack, will it be like the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? These questions are right now running through everyone’s thoughts. What will happen to America? Stay tuned for the next report update at 7:30 PM  EDT with Fareed and his take on this. Have a good rest of your day. This is Sid Da Kid signing off.

A to Z Challenge- M for M&M’s

I’m guessing that most of you know what M&Ms are. If you don’t then M&Ms are tiny little chocolate balls wrapped in a color using food coloring. My favorite M&M is the blue flavor!

My favorite color is blue because it reminds me of swimming. Alot of people like swimming because it is a calm sport just like the color blue. Get cool my dudes! Most people who eat blue (that I know) are very calm. According to Adweek in 1995 M&M had a vote for next color in the M&M series. The color blue won by an extremely large amount. This was a good thing as well. According to scientists, blue food coloring actually helps the body recover from spinal injuries. They actually did a test on rats with spinal problems. The rats could start walking and actually turned blue! As you can see the blue M&M have their nice perks. Imagine having this to help you with back problems! This is amazing and could be a whole new science that could save the human race. Now don’t you think blue M&Ms are the best?

My opinion:

As you know I love blue M&Ms! I have given you reasons to believe it is the best and I know you know it is the best! SO… if you are reading this I want you to tell me what your favorite M&M color is, or what color you would want invented. BLUE M&MS ROCK!!!

A to Z Challenge – L for Latvia

Challenge: I am pretending to be a Latvian transfer student telling a Canadian class about my life in Latvia. Hope you like it!

(I walk into the new classroom)

Teacher: Hello class! Today we have a new student. His name is Andris! Andris, welcome to class, can you sit in the front with me please?

Andris: Ok, um… what am I supposed to do.

Teacher: Well in three, two, one were singing the Canadian anthem (Kids rise and sing)! (Andris didn’t know what to do!).

Andris: What do I do!

Teacher: Don’t worry, how about you tell us something about where you came from. Stand in front of the class and present yourself!

Andris: (Andris goes up in front of the class) Well my name is Andris and I lived in Riga, the capital of Latvia. I am right now learning english because I mostly know how to speak Latvian, one of the two surviving Baltic languages.

Teacher: Well Andris, this is very interesting. Can you tell us about the place you lived in?

Andris: Well Riga is a huge place with tons of castles! It has tons of amazing architecture like the building of the Blackheads for example. This is my favorite building in all of Riga! It was built in the 14th century for the Brother of Blackheads, a guild for unmarried German merchants in Riga.

Teacher: WEll.. you sure seem to know your history. You seem like a wonderful student! Unlike the other kids, she mutters under her breath.


Well kids head out to spanish class now!

A to Z Challenge- K for KUNG FU!!!!!!!!

In this post I will be pretending to be a Kung Fu master explaining the Shaolin way.


Kung Fu was first developed as a defense in time of need in the Shang and Zhou dynasties (17 bc to 256 bc). These dynasties used it to enhance the soldiers hand to hand combat techniques. They may have had stone and wood weapons, but if you’re a citizen that doesn’t have any then Kung Fu is the thing you need to know. I myself started learning Kung Fu at the age of five. One emperor named Qi Huangong had actually held martial arts competitions twice a year. By the way, martial arts also includes wrestling, fencing, sword dance and sword fighting. Pretty amazing right!


Shaolin is the type of Kung Fu that I teach. Other people at our school teaches other Kung Fu styles but onto my type. Shaolin is one of the most important Kung Fu styles, but also one of the deadliest! Shaolin as you may know is also one of the most famous types of Kung Fu and featured in tons of movies. This is probably because movie creators want to make violent movies to sell box office tickets for a long time. Imagine the stunt guys in that! Anyway, now I will demonstrate 5 different types of Kung Fu/Shaolin moves.

The Leopard; Attack or run? It depends on the timing. The leopard knows just when to strike!

The Tiger; Win at any cost. The tiger will never back down!

The Crane; Kill with Grace. The Crane is graceful with no intention of getting dirty.

The Snake; Sly, soft, lethal. The snake is cunning just like this move.

The Dragon; The eyes have it. The dragon’s eyes tell it all, balls of fire they are!



A to Z Challenge- J for Jester

Just saying this is a literature review.

I will be doing a review on this source:

This source that I have just read, (and hope you will read) has lots of worthwhile information on jesters of the Middle Age. Most people know the basis of what jesters are, people who would entertain a wealthy noble. What most people don’t know is the specific facts about them. Jesters had many rights compared to normal commoners. They were able to speak their mind freely and make fun of a king’s or queen’s court. The only reason jesters had this right was because they were meant to entertain. With no freedom of speech, what were they supposed to talk about? Many people do not know the type of clothes that jesters wore. Jesters would wear extravagant clothes to get their masters excited about what was to come next. Gradually the clothes became more awe-inspiring until the modern day we think of now. A hat with three tails and bells sticking out of it, different colored pants, t-shirt, etc. Another  fact you probably wouldn’t know is that jesters occasionally advised the kings. Before kings would go off into war they would ask their jester’s opinion on the war. As you will find out jesters have so many unknown facts that could’ve influenced civilization.

When I first read this article I was surprised by how important jesters were in the Middle Ages. They had much more rights than most people and were even advisers to the king. What I thought about jesters at first was the same thing most people thought before reading this post. I do question occasionally if this is a reliable source though. It has many repetitions of phrases, information, and specific words. If you are a professional, or even an amateur writer, you shouldn’t be making mistakes like this. Other than that this was an amazing source to read and write about!

I would use this source as a mentor text on organizing my thoughts. This article was very organized!

P.S I am an amateur writer in grade 6.


A to Z Challenge- H is Harlem

Characters: Sid, Hessah (The tatty tutor).

Setting: Sid’s luxurious mansion in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. August 28, 1963

Plot: Sid is discovering things about modern day Harlem and the renaissance time.

Type of Performance: Play with script and costumes

Scene I

Sid and Hessah enter

Sid: Hi Hessah!

Hessah: Hey Sid the Kid!

Sid: What do I have to blog about today?

Hessah: Sid, I’m sorry to say this but you have to blog about Harlem. You will have to make it a play script using the words: Hood, Hyperbole, History, Heartfelt, Heavy.

Sid: Fine

Scene II

Sid exits to get pizza and then returns.

Sid: Well I know Harlem is well known for it’s history during the Renaissance because it became a center for african american’s culture, right?

Hessah: Absolutely correct, you get a stamp!

Sid: Didn’t the people used to say, “Welcome to the hood?” I also have a question.

Hessah: What?

Sid: Wasn’t there a heavy burden on families in Harlem because of so much poverty during the Great Depression. Some of my friends say that people during the Great Depression could get along just fine.

Hessah: No, no, your friends are so wrong.

Sid: So what was it like in Harlem?

Hessah: Well Sid, it was a time of greatness amidst the worst. White people were fascinated by the heartfelt literature of black poets and writers. Most of their works could be classified as hyperbole. An example is Langston Hughes poem, Dreams.

Sid: Oh, ok now I understand what Harlem was like back in the old days. Thanks Hessah! Should I start now?

Hessah: Yup, also you have one minute to write 250 words down good luck!