The Eiffel Tower

I’m betting that all of you know what the EIffel Tower is! If you don’t (very sad)…the Eiffel Tower is one of the tallest monuments visited by millions of people every year. It is almost an engineering masterpiece. If you want to know more, then keep reading.

As I said before, “It is almost an engineering masterpiece,” is very true. Due to weather changes and the fact that the Eiffel Tower is made out of metal the tower moves 15 centimetres a year. Amazing isn’t it! They should have called it Eiffel’s Moving Tower.

Now I know how much people might hate history but I will have to give you a mini history lesson. Now most of you may know this EIffel Tower was named after Gustave Eiffel, yet he didn’t make the plans for the Eiffel Tower. The person you all should be looking up to and congratulating is Maurice Koechlin. The first time he showed his plans to Gustave he turned him down. Gustave told him to be more ornate and complex with this structure. Maurice came back with the plans just in time in 18887. 100’s of artists had designed plans for the world fair in Paris.The fair was to celebrate the 100 years of the French Revolution. The winner got their structure made in the center of Paris, also known as Champ De-Mars. Of course you all know that Gustave Eiffel and Maurice won.

Now let’s get into some interesting facts!

Did you know that the Paris citizens did not like the thought of a giant metal structure over their heads. In 1909 the Eiffel Tower was almost teared down but the governors voted to keep it as a radio satellite. It saved people’s lives in both WW1 and WW2 by contacting the military. The funniest thing happened when Hitler came to tear down the Eiffel Tower. The French cut down the cables to the tram so thats Hitler and his men had to climb all 1,509 stairs with their heavy equipment. I would’ve just left! The last fact I have to say has got to do with the Eiffel Tower’s paint. Every 7 years the 500 employees working their will get a break as they have hired people to repaint it. Imagine the weight of 10 elephants! Thats how much the paint weighed!

Anyway…I think y’all get what I mean when i say the Eiffel Tower is not just historical but an amazing piece of work that everybody has to see.


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R for Rue de Gramont

Hey guys, this post is about the street I am living on in Paris. I’ll be telling you about Paris, what I like about it and the street itself.

Ok, so Rue de Gramont is a very lively street. If you live there, then you know how many restaurants, markets, and subways there are. This is a great area to live in because you have access to a subway that can take you to tons or popular places, like the Eiffel Tower of the Notre dame church. Wouldn’t it be nice to live there? Imagine every day at work you see the Eiffel Tower outside the window of your corner office. I would love that (the corner office I mean).

My second favourite thing about this street is the fact that you’re so close to different restaurants with so many cuisines. I loved eating food there and for the first time had fondu (regular version, and chocolate version)! Different cuisines include; Chinese, Italian, Indian, Mcdonalds (lol) etc. My brother loved the Mcdonald’s while I loved the Italian cuisine.

Now you’re probably wondering where all I went and different sorts like that. Well… in Paris I went to the Notre Dame Church, Eiffel Tower, London Eye, Louvre and The Famous London Dungeon! These are places you have to go to because of their historical influence in their times and even now actually. I mean come on! In only 200 years people built the Notre Dame Church with their bare hands! That’s still a difficult feat today! Then theres the Eiffel Tower which took only two years and two months to build, and it’s huge! The London Eye is a great way to get a nice view of the Thames, buildings and all of Paris really! The Louvre is a great place to learn history. Finally the London Dungeon which is a good scare has 19 live shows, 2 rides, and tells some great history. You have to go to this place!

If you are planning to go to Paris, make sure you book tickets, or else you will be standing in line for hours!

A to Z Challenge-Q for QWERTY

Hey guys, i’m back and today i’ll be talking/writing about the QWERTY. A simplistic design of the modern day keyboard!

Before i talk about the QWERTY keyboard, let’s first go back a little farther in time. Back then the keyboard wasn’t in QWERTY form, all the letters were in a, b, c… order. This eventually died out because people who typed fast were slower because the keys kept jamming.


In 1936 the keyboard was made in the Dvorak layout. This was made to have all the keys or letters in the most comfortable position possible. Of course this wasn’t a QWERTY keyboard, the letters were placed in different spaces. This didn’t get jammed as much, which was good for all those fast typers like me!


In 1956, 20 years later for those of you who are too lazy to do the math, Massachusetts Institute of Technology or M.I.T had made the first ever keyboard to directly connect to a computer. It used the QWERTY keyboard style. You might be thinking wow, well those guys are super smart, compared to today it’s nothing. That computer was still very slow and if you were to search up something in a dictionary it would be faster.


In 1964, i’m not doing the math, IBM released a QWERTY keyboard with new keys like; Esc, Alt, Ctrl, Pause, Break and SysRq (system request). This completely changed the design of the QWERTY keyboard, making things very efficient for users who needed it. Later on IBM developed the enter, insert, page up and down, and arrow keys. Vital components of a modern day keyboard. Then IBM released a computer with 83 keys, a modern day keyboard.


As you can see, the QWERTY keyboard has evolved over time into a machine used by almost everyone not just to type, but to search, calculate, create and learn about things. Imagine our life without the QWERTY keyboard!

A to Z Challenge-P for Pomeranian

What’s up guys it’s me Sid again here to write/talk about the dog breed known as the Pomeranian!

for those of you who don’t know, a Pomeranian is a small friendly little dog that is adorable. It was named after the German region it was found in, Pomerania. This dog is the smallest dog in the spitz family, but has a personality the size of Asia! It weighs 3-7 pounds, has a lifespan of 12-16 years and is 1 foot tall (adult size that is). Fun fact, the Pomeranian dog has been trained in agility, obedience, tracking, and flyball! The Pomeranian dog is recommended for people who live in apartments, don’t have a backyard, have small children, or as a companion for the elderly!

Now your probably wondering why a Pomeranian is so different from all dogs! Well… The Pomeranian may be small but will take control! If it finds that you are of lower importance or does not get taken care of properly, it will immediately take control. That sounds scary, but with the right training your dog could be an amazing companion!

Now as usual we end it off with some fun facts!

Did you know, the Pomeranian was one of nine dogs rescued from the titanic! That just proves that Pomeranians are fighter dogs.

Another cool fact is that Pomeranians are skilled watchdogs. They will bark at anything that seems odd or peculiar. I’m guessing you don’t want to get in a fight with a Pomeranian now!

Probably the most interesting fact would be the Pomeranians fame. Most designers and famous people would get a Pomeranian to show off how good they look.

Im guessing you want a Pomeranian now, dont you!


A to Z Challenge- O for Ostrich

Hey it’s Sid back at ya with another blog post featuring…ostriches!!! Sorry  I haven’t been posting very often I have been on vacation with my family. Anyway let’s get into it!

Now I’m guessing most of you know what an ostrich is. Large flightless bird that pokes its head in the ground when it’s scared. Instead of telling you the basics I’m going to be telling you interesting facts about ostriches!

First off I’m going to be giving you some more indepth information on the ostrich. So the ostrich may not fly but is still considered a bird because of its bone build. It lives in the North African region. It’s scientific name is Struthio camelus, which basically means strutting camel (according to my Latin and Greek knowledge). Now I think it’s time for the interesting facts, you guys deserve it after listening to this boring speech.

The first fun fact would be that ostriches don’t have one not two but three stomachs!!! Isn’t that amazing and weird at the same time? The next fun fact is that ostriches can run up to 70mph! That is super fast. They travel 5 metres in every stride. Do the math people! Did you know, if an ostrich were to kick as hard as it could it could kill a human or even a major predator like the lion! Imagine how hard it would be to control the, legs. Oh yeah, that reminds me, ostriches use their wings to control the movement when their running. Isn’t that cool? Anyway I think you get the idea about ostriches, and again I’m sorry for not posting as much!

A to Z Challenge- P for Project

In this post I will be telling my “class” about a “project” I did. Hope ya’ll enjoy!

Teacher: Hello class! Today we will be presenting our projects that I gave you 2 weeks to work on. Ya’ll remember that, right???

Class: Yes we do!!! (everybody was already bored out of their mind).

Teacher: I’ll draw names out of a hat and see who goes first! (reaches into a hat and pulls out a name, everybody started a drumroll) Sid (me), you will be going up first!

Me: Everybody around me was like; good luck with that or you’re just unlucky man, but then someone whispered a plan to me.

Teacher: What will your project be about Sid?

Me: My project is about . . . (drumroll again) . . . Herodotus, the greatest Greek scholar and philosopher of all time.

Teacher: Well well, you went back to our Greek unit then. Very creative, carry on then!

Me: Well for those of you who don’t know, Herodotus was born in Halicarnassus 484 B.C.E. He is most known for creating the nine books known is english as the “Histories,” which told not only about the history of the Greek-Persian war, but also that of the legends myths and accounts from people across Persia to Egypt!

Teacher: Well said, but you’re taking alot of time from the class. May you please hurry it up, but don’t rush it too much!

Me: The other kid’s plan was working, I thought, all I have to do is last until the end of class and then we’re home free until Monday. Then the bell rang!

Teacher: Okay kids have a good weekend, we will continue this on Monday.

Me: On my way out everybody was thanking me, even the popular girls! Oh yeah I thought, life is going to be great!

Hope ya’ll liked it!

A-Z Challenge- O for Overachiever

This post is fortunately going to be whimsical and have a little (or a lot) of lighthearted roasting, which is really easy! But anyway, let’s get into it!


Overachievers have the worst personality ever! They don’t even have fun. I mean I’m obviously an overachiever, but I have a good personality and actually don’t hate people who are better than me! People in higher education are either overachievers or stuck ups, which is basically the same thing. Don’t you think this is fun, readers. You should drop some comments below after the post telling me what you think is funny about overachievers, especially the ones you know at school! Overachievers are such show offs. It’s school for crying out loud! I mean seriously! I get if you’re bragging about sports, but education? Just no… no. I mean I could brag forever about all my academic achievements, but I think they’re boring, and I achieved them! I feel bad for anyone who has to deal with (I have to deal with them!) overachievers every day in school. I feel your pain, people of the world who are reading this in different languages (I think)… Now for all you overachievers who are reading this, go find something better in life (if you can think of something – and you know you will!). Go learn how to throw a ball or kick one. Maybe I can teach you – 9 years of soccer will not go to waste! Wait, never mind, I would have to explain everything in a formula for you guys! Anyway, get with the actual modern wil, you people, and PEACE OUT!!!